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On-Line Reservation Request

Tshwane Xplorer

Sales phone 012-767-7913 (+27-12-767-7913). Cellphone 082-098-6186 (+27-82-098-6186). All calls charged at standard rates.

  1. Important. Please read the conditions of booking and carriage as set out below. These terms and conditions will apply to all bookings made for FOTR's trains and for any other transportation and venues for which FOTR may act as a booking agent.
    • Carriage of passengers is subject to Friends of the Rail's Terms and Conditions of Booking and Carriage and Limitations of Liability as shown elsewhere on this website and/or printed on a booking confirmation slip. All passengers will be deemed to have read and agreed to these conditions without alteration. Please CLICK HERE to read them.
    • Should the train be nearly full, your booking may be cancelled and seats may be re-assigned to other waiting passengers unless we receive confirmation of payment either within 48 hours of making this booking or, if it occurs first, on the day before train departure. Only in exceptional circumstances will cash be accepted at the departure point.
    • We welcome elderly and disabled persons on our trains. However, FOTR uses heritage side-door coaches that were never designed with elderly or disabled persons in mind. Wheelchair access is limited and several FOTR destinations do not have high-level raised platforms. We will make every effort to assist elderly or disabled persons, but please first communicate with our sales office should any member of your party be disabled in any way or need special attention to board or alight from the train. Note that disabled persons are entitled to the "pensioners" discounted fare.
    • Reservations made for 15 or more paying passengers travelling together will be granted a discount of 10% of the total fare paid.
    • Please note that for reasons beyond its control, Friends of the Rail may be required (and therefore reserves the right) to cancel, reschedule or re-route any train (whether confirmed or not) at any time before or after departure. Arrival times cannot be guaranteed. Please see the conditions of carriage elsewhere on this website for more details about cancelled or rescheduled trains.
    • Upon receipt of your confirmation of deposit, we will respond directly to you, by e-mail or fax, with a notice which acts as your ticket. Please check-in at the departure point before boarding the train.
    • Please be aware that internet communications can go astray. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours of submitting this form, please phone our bookings office on +27-12-767-7913 or cellphone +27-82-098-6186 to confirm your booking.
  2. Please fill in the form below and click on the "Send Form" button to send us the details of your booking request.

  3. Please deposit into our bank account the amount due.

    • Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
    • Branch: Zambezi Drive, Pretoria
    • Bank Code: 23 01 45
    • Account name: "FOTR Events"
    • Account Number: 622 342 947 76
    • Please include the name you used to book here as reference.
  4. Please fax or e-mail a copy of the deposit slip or advice to our office. Failure to do so may cause us to cancel your booking.

Thank you for supporting Friends of the Rail and the preservation of Heritage Railways in South Africa.


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