October 2014

The pic of the months pictures. No fixed criteria really, just what is the best of the month in techncial, "feel" and impact terms! Remember opinions will always differ!

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October 2014

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For some reason we haven't had a "photo of the month" for several years. I'm not sure why we stopped. At one point Kevin was choosing them, then Stefan. A new member has just posted a response to the June 2009 photo of the month, which has reminded us that it exists, so I thought I'd have a try at resurrecting it.

Problem is there have been hardly any new photos posted in October 2014. Let me then choose two photos: FOTR's 2650 with a bright headboard, taken by Peter Odell (http://www.friendsoftherail.com/phpBB2/ ... 06&t=12689) and a German electric loco with an interesting livery taken by Oliver Krapp (http://www.friendsoftherail.com/phpBB2/ ... 235#p35235).

If any member would like to choose a photo of the month next month, let me know and I'll happily hand over the reins!
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