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Private messaging

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From time to time, forum members want to get directly in touch with other forum members. One way is to post a message within the topic thread like this:
*****, please send me your contact details to ****@****.**
Thanks, ****
This is bad form because it subjects everyone who is following that particular thread to a message saying there is a new post, which when it is accessed turns out to be a "private message". In addition, this request also has also exposed the requestor's email address to a plethora of spam email address hunter-gatherers. Expect miriads of sales pitches for unwanted and hopefully uneeded Viagra from now on!

The correct way to make such private requests is through the foum's "private message" facility, wherein a message can be sent to another user or users, without being visible to all and sundry.
To initiate a private message, simply click on the "private message" (PM) icon located at the foot of that person's posting. A new page is brought up, enabling you to enter the text of the message, add other addressees, etc. Click "submit" to send the message.An email alert will be sent to the recipient together with a link to the message. The PM facility keeps all the previous correspondence in a message chain, so the history of the conversation can be easily reviewed.

Try it. It works!
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