Thai steam loco upgrade

Steam motive power and operations in Asia.
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Thai steam loco upgrade

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A happy ending for Trainman, a frequent visitor to Thailand's steamy attractions...
Thai loco upgrade follows grumbles

The comments of two UK visitors about the collection of steam locomotive exhibits at Makkasan Works, Thailand, prompted swift action after the visitors were disappointed to see them with peeling paint and standing in overgrown vegetation.

The locomotives had been presented to the king 12 years earlier.

Following the expressions of dismay, action was taken. Princess Maha Chakiri Sirindhom, from the eprsonal affairs division of the royal palace, sent a team to Makkasan.

By March, the locos had all been painted and moved to an area where they are now displayed within a white-painted fence complete with explanatory board.

It is expected that several locos will be moved for display at other palaces and some to a new museum at Nakhom Pathom.
From the Railway Magazine, June 2011, p99
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