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New Reefsteamers DVD

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New Reefsteamers DVD.
I will cheakily assume the special offer price will also be available to FOTR members since FOTR is a founding member of Steam in Action!

This from Lee Gates:
Hi everyone,
This is an email sent on behalf of Paul Hloben, the resident Reefsteamers master videographer, photographer and book author.
A new Reefsteamers DVD has been compiled and is available for purchase immediately . The DVD covers the preparation for and the activities on the Cherry Festival 2008 trip. The two locomotives starred in the DVD are the Class 25NC No.3472 ‘Elize’ and the feature locomotive of the trip, Dave Shepherd’s Class 15F No.3052 ‘Avril.’
The DVD, similar to the 2006 version, is entitled ‘Cherriots of Fire – Steaming to 2008 Cherry festival.’
I haven’t seen the DVD yet but I can assure you that it won’t be just a series of run-bys, but will also document the steam train people and the procedures of servicing and caring for these grand machines. I wonder if the footplate cooking section remains intact with water instead of the missing cooking oil in the shovel, resulting in steamed rather than grilled wors. The picture of the author himself discovering that foot plate cooking results in seriously hot steaks is priceless and remains in my favourites photo archives.
But back to business. As always Paul Hloben charges an exceptionally good price.
The DVD’s are available to Reefsteamers members for R80 and the cost to non-Reefsteamers members R150.
This offer also open to Steam in Action members, local and international.
Paul will make individual arrangements to get the DVD through to you – preferably by postage. But the primary method of distribution is by hand.
Paul will be at the Depot this Saturday all day on 11 February, to film some fire lighting on the GMAM Garratt, and he will be bringing a bumper box of DVD’s with him for sale on the spot.
So for the Reefsteamers coming this weekend, hopefully to participate in ‘lil’ Suzie’s double day depot challenge, bring some extra money with you for those DVD’s.
Paul travels frequently, but is usually at the Depot on Saturday afternoons every second or third week.
Alternatively, you may contact him at 083 269-0667 or you mail email him at
Correspondence to Paul needs to be English as he does not speak or read Afrikaans.
Paul – thank you for your hard and professional work in putting these documentaries together.
Thank you for your time,
"To train or not to train, that is the question"
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