Those Incredible Alcos Volume 1 - Pentrex

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Those Incredible Alcos Volume 1 - Pentrex

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If you like American engines, or you like diesels, then you must surely like Alco's. And, if you like trains and you don't know what an Alco is, , then you do not know what you have been missing!

This DVD from Pentrex is the first in a set of three, and covers the early Alco's in detail.

The method of presentation is good, as it goes through the Alco's in chronological order, starting from the earliest model produced. For each model, production dates and numbers are given, as well as a brief overview of the engine and axle specifications.

Footage of the models in operation are then shown where this is available - which is in most cases except for the very rare small production models. The footage in most cases is really exceptional and conveys all the black smoke (which in some cases easily outdoes the steam engine) really well. The footage is accompanied by excellent soundtracks which also convey the unique sounds of the Alco's really well in terms of loud wheezing, whistling and barking!

Some of the engines included - HH600, HH900, HH660, HH1000, S-1, S-2, RS-1, RSD-1, FA, PA, RSC-2,
RS-2, S-4, RS-3, RS-20, S-3, RSC-3 and RSD-5

Two hours of bliss, in stereo sound! Look at the picture below and drool!

For this one, you need to tranquillize the wife and family, because if you are going to enjoy it you need to turn up the volume as high as the neighborhood will stand!

Available from Pentrex direct.
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