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Imperial Valley Sugar Beet Trains - Pentrex

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Another interesting DVD from Pentrex. Interesting, because it is not only about engines and trains, but also an interesting documentary about the sugar beet industry and how it all worked.

The video cover the beet operations from start to finish, beginning in the farmlands of the Imperial Valley, 420 rail miles away from the Holly Sugar Mill at Betteravia. The sugar beet growing is explained and the harvesting, transporting to receiving stations, and loading into gondolas shown.

The loaded trains hauling 10,000 tons of sugar beets then depart for heading along the Coast Line to their destination in the Santa Maria Valley.

Helper units are added for the push over Beaumont Hill, and the DVD includes a cab ride in an SD40 on the point of a 3-unit lashup.

Action includes tunnels, cuts, and blue Pacific Ocean views, as well as meets and passes with intermodal hotshots and Amtrak.

On arrival at Holly Sugar Mill the DVD then covers the complete refining process - from unloading to washing, pulping, purifying, drying, and bagging.

Very enjoyable and runs for just over any hour. Even the family were interested in this one, and I was able to learn exactly what a sugar beet was!

Available direct from Pentrex.
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