Sydney's EMUs

Diesel and Electric motive power and operations in Australia and New Zealand.
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Sydney's EMUs

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On the [url=][color=#40FFFF]sar-L[/color][/url], Les Pivnic wrote:I thought that the List might be interested in a brief note about the
impressions of Sydney's suburban rail network as seen through the eyes
of an SAR pensioner.

Basically, there are three generations of EMU's in service - all
double-deckers based on the design principle of the SAR's Hulse
double-decker placed in service in Cape Town in 1927.

The older units are Budd-styled stainless steel vehicles while the next
generation are known as Tangara sets and the very latest (presently
coming into service) are known as the "Oscars". The Tangaras and
especially the Oscars ride very smoothly on the standard gauge track.

The trains generally keep to time - I've only experienced one delay
caused by one of the older sets catching fire due to a malfunction on
one of the motor-coaches.

A sad reflection on the System is the presence of graffiti on some of
the trains and especially windows scratched by sharp instruments by some
stupid youngsters with nothing better to do! Travelling on a new Oscar
set yesterday I even noticed scratches already appearing on the windows.
What is it with the younger folk of today - they seem to lack any sense
of moral responsibility! Graffiti also proliferates on lineside
buildings and trackside appliances - nothing misses their attention!
However, having said that, they don't burn coaches like their
counterparts in South Africa.

Sydney's stations are beautifully maintained - the only negative aspect
that I found is that the public toilets are in a filthy state. Possibly
again a reflection on the public using them.

Back to the trains - I popped into the ARHS Bookshop in the concourse of
Sydney's main Central Station and chatting to one of the staff on duty I
was surprised to learn that Sydney's CityRail network still operates on
1500V DC. Well, the thought occurred to me that it is possible to
operate a modern service on the old DC line voltage.

Something that I did find incredible (coming from South Africa) is the
availability of a "Day Tripper" ticket for $16.00 that allowed unlimited
travel (for 24 hours) on Sydney's suburban trains, the ferries and the
bus services - VERY good value for money!
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