Missing Link on Board Index Page

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Andreas Umnus
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Missing Link on Board Index Page

Post by Andreas Umnus »

I foundd just out that there is a link missing on the Board Index page.

The reason why I found it was that I watched the "Europe Photo Gallery".
On the main page were only new pictures in the UK Section. I watched them all
and when I came back to the main page there was the left symbol still red for new posts.
I was wondering why - there was all blue in UK, Spain, Germay, Scandinavia and so on.

So I clicked on "Europ phpto gallery" and I found out that there is a new "France" Section.
The "France section" link is missing on the main page.

If you will edit it - you now know where to find.
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John Ashworth
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Re: Missing Link on Board Index Page

Post by John Ashworth »

Thanks, Andrea. There is a control on the Admin Control Panel which makes the title of a sub-forum appear in the title of the main forum, if that makes sense. I think one of us administrators forgot to tick the box for the France photo gallery. Thanks for spotting it, and I think I have fixed it now.

In more general terms, it is very useful for us if members (particularly regular members who have a feeling for how the forum ought to operate) let us know whenever they find anything strange.
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